CopCam Program

Police brutality is one of the most oppressive burdens on society. Police officers have a tough job to do, no doubt, however that is not an excuse to abuse the members of society. When a criminal is being abused, everybody is being abused. Police are our saviors sworn to uphold the laws not break them, and in all situations policing is about professionalism and safety, even for the suspects, accused, and criminals. At the same time we have a burden to keep our police officers safe so they can return home to the people that love them.

Our answer to protecting everyone is our CopCam program. We believe that all police officers should be required to wear head or body cams that are actively recording any time a member of teh police force comes in contact with a civilian. It is the best protection for the officers and society, but even more important for the protection of our rights. In addition, cameras save costs in litigation. It can narrow down challenges to what was actually said, which means less time in court, and less litigation costs. It also keeps any statements in perspective and ensures that all the complex procedures of the legal system are followed.

Head and Body cameras on police officers bring professionalism to our police forces at times when professionalism is often being ignored and that demonstrates that our officer are the true shining nights of society that we want them to be. Through this program it is our goal to see to it that every police officer in the United States has a head cam or body cam, and that policies are created that require those cameras are used at all times, and make clear that if they are not used there are severe consequences to an officer’s job. After all, when a police officer is abusive there is always severe effects on society.

Your donations to this program allows us to provide the necessary cameras and base stations to police departments across the country.


CopCam Program

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Any police agency that would like to apply for these funds should contact our organization directly though any our normal contact methods.